This page describes my educational experiences.


I received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering with highest honors from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. My technical areas were computer design and embedded systems; course highlights included:

  • computer architecture (EE 360N [now 460N])
    • designed and wrote instruction set- and register-level simulators in C for LC-3b academic processor architecture
    • taught by Yale Patt
  • IC design/Verilog (EE 360R)
    • followed full Synopsys Cadence design cycle, from physical layout through timing analysis
    • designed 4-bit SRAM with minimum area using physical tools (Cadence Virtuoso)
    • designed optimized Kogge-Stone adder from transistors and logic gates (schematic capture in Cadence Virtuoso)
    • designed 16-bit microprocessor in Verilog
    • designed serial bus arbiter for ARM Wishbone interface in Verilog and connected it to aforementioned processor
    • taught by Jacob Abraham
  • VHDL/FPGA usage (EE 360M)
    • implemented LC-3b academic processor architecture using VHDL on Xilinx Spartan3 FPGA
    • used Xilinx ISE design suite, including timing analysis
    • taught by Nur Touba
  • digital signal processing lab  (EE 345S [445S])
    • implemented transceiver subsystems on a Texas Instruments TMS320C6713 digital signal processor
    • taught by Brian Evans
  • three semesters of microcontroller/low-level C and assembly programming labs (EE 319K, 345L [445L], 345M)
    • Freescale CPU32 (9S12DP512) and ARM Cortex-M3 (STMicroelectronics MCBSTM32)
    • wrote own operating system for Cortex-M3 processors
    • EE 319K taught by Gary Daniels; EE 345L [445L] and 345M taught by Jon Valvano
  • algorithms (EE 360C, taught by Christine Julien)

My four-person senior design project team completed an unmanned aerial data collection system called Project Peregrine that received second place in the department's senior design project competition.

I also received a General Track Business Foundations Certificate with Highest Distinction from UT's McCombs School of Business.

While at UT, I was active in a number of student organizations, including the IEEE Student Branch, Student Engineering Council (SEC), the Psi Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), and the Texas Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi (TBP). My officer positions in IEEE included Freshman SEC Representative, SEC Representative, IT Director, External Vice-Chair, and Chair. As a SEC Member at Large, I co-chaired the IT Committee for two years (one before I received Member at Large status), co-chaired the Rivals Week committee, and served as Web Site Director for the NAESC National Conference. I was Vice President of the Psi Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu for a semester.

High School

I graduated with a Distinguished Achievement Plan diploma from Eastwood High School in El Paso, Texas. I was salutatorian of my high school class.